Hastymail2 is an Open Source IMAP webmail client written in PHP. Our focus is compliance, usability, security, and speed.
2015-04-16 Update:

Sadly Hastymail2 is no longer being maintained. Happily this is because we are working on a new web-based E-mail client, called Cypht. If you need support your best bet is the #hastymail IRC channel at freenode. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and supported this project!

Code Updates for April 14

    It's been another busy week of Hastymail development. Looking back over the week there were 28 individual commits since last Monday. Some are fixes and some are additions and they are scattered throughout the code really. I would also like to welcome a new contributor, Matt Smith, to the project. I have a crazy busy day today so rather than a few more lines of pointless blathering lets go straight to the list of whats new.

 - POST form redirecting. After a post form is successfully submitted it's nice to do a redirect in certain circumstances so that if the page is refreshed the form operation does not resubmit (for example sending a message). Not every form should be redirected however so after adding this I have been removing the ones the interrupt proper functionality.

- Previous and next within search results on the message view. Trying to browse search results without these previous and next links is tedious, so I am glad to say they are functional :) For now it does not support "jumping" to the next folder in the search results assuming there is one, but that will be forthcoming.

- Matt identified that we had some outdated error messages for certain installation problems which are now corrected.

- More tweaking of outgoing mail text formatting. It's almost there..

- Added display hooks to the compose page, documented in docs/plugins_display_hooks.txt. This is the last of the primary display hooks.

-  Fixes to outgoing address field formatting. I have not taken the time to really handle this the way I want but we at least have some checking now on any header field that contains email addresses to make sure the address is minimally formatted to be correct.

- Fix SMTP to work properly when no authentication is being used.

- Fix to options page display hook locations. They were mistakenly outputting below the "update" button for each section.

- A new "custom header" plugin. Still very basic but functional. Has a checkbox on the options page to enable the custom header option. If enabled it adds 2 fields to the compose page to enter a custom header name and value for that message. Its basic and can only add 1 header and you have to do it manually for now, but it works.

- "Find response" option when viewing a message. Searches your sent folder for a reply to the currently viewed message and takes it to it if it finds one.

- Raw message view formatting change. Previously the raw message view was using the normal text message formatting routines. These actually change the format for proper display however and I want raw view to be truely the raw view of the message, long lines and all. This changes raw view to use "white-space: pre" formatting. To keep the message from "spilling" out of the containing div the message space has an overflow attribute so that it will have it's own scrollbars. 

- Fix to search results sorting. Previously the results where completely unsorted. Now they are sorted by arrival time. Should not be too hard to add a sort dialog to allow more sort types to search results.

- Added vcards to the readable mime type lists. As of now it just displays the raw vcard text, but showing a parsed vcard as well as an import directly from an attachment option is not far off.

- Contacts can be added to outgoing messages as vcard attachments. Multiple contacts can be added at once. 

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