Hastymail2 is an Open Source IMAP webmail client written in PHP. Our focus is compliance, usability, security, and speed.
2015-04-16 Update:

Sadly Hastymail2 is no longer being maintained. Happily this is because we are working on a new web-based E-mail client, called Cypht. If you need support your best bet is the #hastymail IRC channel at freenode. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and supported this project!

Code Updates for April 7

    Each time I write about updates I use the SVN mailing list to get a feel for how busy the past week was. This one was busy with 34 individual commits, though they vary in size greatly. The bulk of last weeks changes were to the compose page and sending mail, but there are a handful of fixes for other bugs as well. Here is the detailed list:

 - Added support for in-reply-to and reference headers when replying to a message.

- Outgoing encoding options. These apply to the text message body and on the options page there are 3 to choose from: 8bit, base64, and quoted-printable. 8bit encoding means we leave the message unaltered. The base64 encoding use PHPs base64_encode() function. The quoted printable I wrote myself and though it's testing has been very limited it seems to be reasonably functional so far. 

- Outgoing formatting options. These apply to the text message body before the encoding, and there are 3: fixed, flowed, and x-preformatted. Fixed is what Hastymail 1 uses, and it soft wraps the message at 80 characters. Flowed is based on some code I wrote that attempts to at least do the basics of what the RFC defines but is definitely not 100%. x-preformatted is my own idea and I think pretty obvious. The message is not even trimmed of whte-space nor wrapped. Just prepped for transport and left as close to the original format as possible.

- Sending attachments works. When attachments are added to a message they are uploaded to the server using PHP, then one line at a time are base64 encoded and written to a file in the attachments directory. These files are deleted if you cancel the message or after it is sent. When the message is being sent to the SMTP server, or saved to the IMAP sent folder, it is also streamed to these servers one line at a time. All of this is to keep our memory use low while handling large attachments.

- After adding attachments to an outgoing message they are displayed at the bottom of the compose page. You can remove attachments already added, and it shows the name, mime type, size and a thumbnail if the attachment is an image.

- Fixed a bug on the profile page that was causing the default profile option to be overwritten

- Fixed a bug in the sorting routines. It was actually a daft oversight on my part. I had the sort information and was making the incorrect assumption that by passing the sorted UID list to an IMAP fetch command that the results would be in the same order. Rather the results are in any order and each is marked by the UID so you know which is which. With this fixed the sorting problems on the thinkhost server for hastymail.org have gone away.

- various theme tweaks and w3c validation clean up. Using tidy and a firefox plugin keeps the XHTML 99% valid but the online w3c validator is more precise and complains about a few bits the plugin allows. 

- Fixed a bug in the smtp auth routines that broke the authentication by not correctly setting the username.

- Did some IE and Konquorer testing on the default theme which resulted in some various cleanups and fixes.

- Fixed a bug in the unread total in the page title and the toolbar not updating properly.

- The compose page options, Priority, MDN, and "Skip Sent" all work now.

- 2 new options for the compose page, the first is a javascript confirmation when sending a message, the second is another javascript confirmation when sending, but this time only if the subject is left blank.

- Saving drafts works and supports attachments. It will default to the INBOX if no drafts folder is enabled.

- Signing the message works

- Added some indicators to the options page that identify which options use javascript.

- When sending a message you want the text in the textarea of the compose page to look just like the message that is sent. I noticed some problems here since using the compose page more and they should be resolved now.

- Edit a message as new. Just added this and have not tested it very much but it uses the same basic mechanism for attachments as other attachment related options that seem to be holding up well.

- Forwarding with attachments now works. I am not sure the logic of how I am building the attachment list is 100% what I want (same for "edit as new") but its a start. Hastymail 1 had the option of selecting which attachments to include when forwarding a message which is pretty neat so maybe I will add that.


Compose page
Posted by Soufian 2 years, 118 days ago
And the fact is that you can still use things like adacnved search. It basically places a mini gmail server on your computer. If only I could use it standalone, without google

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