Hastymail2 is an Open Source IMAP webmail client written in PHP. Our focus is compliance, usability, security, and speed.
2015-04-16 Update:

Sadly Hastymail2 is no longer being maintained. Happily this is because we are working on a new web-based E-mail client, called Cypht. If you need support your best bet is the #hastymail IRC channel at freenode. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and supported this project!

Code Updates for June 14

  Things are really shaping up in SVN as we finalize the code for our first stable release. Many bugs have been addressed and a few small features added. Lots of fine tuning has been going on all over the code base. The plugin API documentation has been updated to include all the latest hooks and methods. The themes have had some clean up and we have a new theme called "moss" (screenshot below). TinyMCE, Soundmanager2, and htmLawed have been updated to their latest versions. Here is the full list of what's new since the last update:

- Added a new theme called "moss"

- Updated the plugin api documentation

- Updated the Soundmanager2 sound playing utility used by the notices plugin to version 296a-20100520

- Updated the tinyMCE WYSIWYG HTML editor used by the html mail plugin to version 3.3.6

- Updated the htmLawed HTML filter to version

- Updated the config file with defaults for all the settings available on the options page

- Improved IMAP NAMESPACE support

- Changed the file extension used when attaching messages to an outgoing message from .eml to .mime

- Added an option to work around incorrectly formatted messages that are missing the mime-version mail header

- Cleaned up the code and updated the js_help plugin with all the latest options.

- Improve the IMAP parsing to handle both CRLF and "bare" CR line endings

- Clean up the code responsible for setting up the message view page

- Added a saved_search plugin that allows searches to be easily saved, edited or re-run from the search page.

- Hide PHP timezone warnings in PHP5 when no default server timezone is set

- Added an option to enable an "open in new window" link on message lists

- Fixed some bugs with the "newstyle" theme

- Improved mobile browser detection

- Added a simple new plugin called "username" that displays the current username to the top of each page

- Fixed the folder tree and dropdowns to properly handle having "special" folders that are, or have, subfolders

- Fixed a bug with the toggle all links on the folders page

- Display a notice when a login is attempted and the IMAP server cannot be reached

- Fixed a bug with simultaneous compose sessions

- Fixed encoding problems with javascript alert boxes when the interface is set to a non-ascii based language

- Added an "Attach" button to the message lists that will add selected messages as attachments to an outgoing message

- Fixed the "Attach" feature on the message view page

- Added a Greek interface translation thanks to Konstantinidis Andreas

- Fixed a bug with "show all external images" link on the message view

- Updated the previous/up/next + action dialog on the message view page to remember the last used folder

moss theme
Tried out lastest from SVN
Posted by Michael 7 years, 251 days ago
Looking great. Love the new Attach button. However - I noticed a bunch of notice errors on upgrade even after updating the conf based on the one from SVN. These include: Notice: Undefined offset: 525 in htdocs/tmwebmail/lib/site_page_class.php on line 370 Notice: Undefined offset: 530 in htdocs/tmwebmail/lib/site_page_class.php on line 1092 Notice: Undefined offset: 531 in htdocs/tmwebmail/lib/url_action_classes/options.php on line 148 Also, I cannot load the Drafts folder anymore - I get a bad gateway error which is related to php fastcgi backend - but RC8 does not give me this error. I did not exhaustively test things out, just clicked around a bit and reverted back to RC8 since I have a few users who use it to access their email. Is there a good way to run two versions at the same time using the /etc/hastymail/hastymail.rc scheme? If there was, that would make testing easier. Great to see my sort_uid_list patch was added - now I don't have to carry that forward. - thanks.
Re: Tried out lastest from SVN
Posted by Jason 7 years, 251 days ago
Michael, Thanks for the feedback. The notices you are seeing are new strings added to the translation files that are only loaded when you first login. They should clear up after logging out then back in again. That might clear up the problem with the Draft folder also but I am not sure. You can run multiple installs easily enough. Near the top of the main index.php file is a variable called $hm2_config that defines the hastymail2.rc file location. Just change this to point to a second rc file for the second install. You can also run multiple installs pointing to the same rc file. Older versions should ignore rc settings added later. Hope that helps Jason

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