Hastymail2 is an Open Source IMAP webmail client written in PHP. Our focus is compliance, usability, security, and speed.
2015-04-16 Update:

Sadly Hastymail2 is no longer being maintained. Happily this is because we are working on a new web-based E-mail client, called Cypht. If you need support your best bet is the #hastymail IRC channel at freenode. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and supported this project!

Code Updates for May 27

    It was another busy week for Hastymail development with 45 SVN commits since last weeks update. Much of the work was on translations, and most of the larger commits where moving strings into the language file and out of the site_page_class.php file and the templates. Most of the other new features and fixes were a direct result of testing and feedback from the great group of folks who hang out in our IRC channel. Thanks for the support and feedback, your help is really appreciated and Hastymail is better thanks to you. Here is this weeks list of updates:

- IMAP server testing. I installed some different IMAP servers to test Hastymail with, including Cyrus which can be a bit of a pain to configure. I am happy to say we are looking good with for now only some corner case folder issues still to resolve. I even switched my default setup from Courier to Dovecot and have to say I am impressed with the performance, and it was really easy to switch (apt rules).

-  A few fixes for the delete/expunge mode (no trash folder enabled).

- Finished a first draft of the INSTALL file, including some spelling corrections and a troubleshooting section. The troubleshooting is pretty general but I hope useful. Also made a few updates to the comments in the example config file.

- Added mass import support for contacts. For now it accepts multiple vcard entries in a single file. I expect to use plugins for additional import support, and plan on including a script to convert Hastymail 1.x style contacts to the new system before any stable releases are ready.

- Fixed some problems with the contacts page regarding how the page is focused after a submitted form

- Fixed a problem that inserted extra newlines in the file generated by the "export all contacts" option.

- Fixed a bug in the font size option causing it to only affect a limited amount of page elements.

- Quite a bit of work on the compose page external contacts plugin API. Search terms are now being passed to external source addressbook plugins. The default contact source is now the user's local contact list.

- Improvements and fixes to the LDAP addressbook plugin, including a field mapping option to build the display name from the LDAP fields, a better search filter string, the ability to name the addressbook, and a handful of fixes.

- Added optional argument support for work hooks. Work hooks are more useful to plugins if they can alter internal Hastymail information. Allowing an array argument is a great way to make this easier. The first plugin to use this is the LDAP addressbook which now has access to the keywords used in a contact search.

- Some fixes to the IMAP folder prefix config option. We no longer make any assumptions about using the default INBOX namespace for subfolders.

- Added a user option to select the first page to load after logging in.

- Some fixes to folder list handling. Still a few things to work on here but overall folder list generation is solid

- Synced up the "green" theme with some structural changes made to the default templates

- Fixed some problems with cookie-less sessions. Specifically redirects after a successful form submission.

- Added multiple IMAP server support as a dropdown on the login page. Like in Hastymail 1 additional IMAP servers are configured in the conf file and each can specify any of the imap related settings.

- Added some preliminary arrow images to the message view "previous/up/next" links that are actually dropdown lists of additional options you can perform while moving through the message list.

- Translation work. Lots of updates with the interface translation system, including moving over 400 words and phrases from the code to the English language file. Our translation system is simple, and because of this a bit limited. But it has the great advantage of being easy to add new languages to since it is just a list of words and phrases associated with numbers that identify each string. The interface strings are now cached in the session after logging in to save an include call. There are likely still some strings floating around that need to be moved but the bulk of the work is done.

I am happy with the way things are shaping up and plan on putting together our first beta release this week. We need help with testing, translations, and feedback so check back soon and let us know what you think! 

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