Hastymail2 is an Open Source IMAP webmail client written in PHP. Our focus is compliance, usability, security, and speed.
2015-04-16 Update:

Sadly Hastymail2 is no longer being maintained. Happily this is because we are working on a new web-based E-mail client, called Cypht. If you need support your best bet is the #hastymail IRC channel at freenode. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and supported this project!

Hastymail2 1.0 Stable Released

   We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the first stable release of Hastymail2. It has taken almost 3 years of development to reach this point and we are excited about the state of the project. Thanks to everyone who has supported us with testing and feedback. Development does not stop here, actually we already have some pretty cool stuff in the works. Here is the full change log since the RC9 release, as well as some interesting summary numbers about the project and it's development:

The numbers: 

Days in development: 991
SVN commits: 1666
Tracker bugs resolved: 145
Lines of code: 117160 (997 files)
Lines of PHP: 46774 (216 files)
Lines of Javascript: 34075 (143 files)
Lines of CSS: 18969 (187 files)
Plugins: 25
Themes: 10
Interface languages: 18
Average page size: 35KB (gzipped)
Average number of HTTP includes per page: 3

Changes since RC9

- Upgraded the tinyMCE WYSIWYG HTML editor used by the html mamil plugin to version 3.3.9

- Fixed a possible read loop bug when the IMAP server connection goes away

- Fixed some bugs with how contacts are handled

- Fixed a bug that could break some HTML messages with inline attached images

- Fixed a bug in the message digest plugin that caused entities in subjects to not be decoded

- Updated the message detail and message list views to localize all date fields to the user's current timezone

- Fixed some rendering bugs with the folder list when using the "flat" display style

- Updated all plugins to use the include path and filesystem delimiter values set in the index.php file

- Fixed a bug on the options page that cause the folder list update interval to not be set correctly

- Dynamically compress and stream all the CSS for a page into a single HTML include

- Combined all the images in the default and moss themes to use a single sprite image

- XHTML fixes so all the main pages validate with the W3C

- Moved most of the theme images into CSS backgrounds instead of inline img tags

- Lots of fixes and tweaks to all the theme's CSS 

- Expanded the filters plugin to support filtering from the new mail page

- Added an optional source folder setting to filters created with the filters plugin

- Enhanced the message uid cache to minimize mailbox resorting

- A few small fixes to the client side sorting routines

- Sort messages on the "new mail" page by the default sort method for each folder (set on the folders page)

- Added a plugin that maps login email address domains to different IMAP server backends

- Added a Google Maps search to the context plugin

- Added a new plugin called custom_reply_to that lets users set a custom reply-to value on the compose page that overrides the currently selected profile.

- Added a new theme called "moss"

- Updated the plugin api documentation

- Updated the Soundmanager2 sound playing utility used by the notices plugin to version 296a-20100520

- Updated the tinyMCE WYSIWYG HTML editor used by the html mail plugin to version 3.3.6

- Updated the htmLawed HTML filter to version

- Updated the config file with defaults for all the settings available on the options page

- Improved IMAP NAMESPACE support 

- Changed the file extension used when attaching messages to an outgoing message from .eml to .mime

- Added an option to work around incorrectly formatted messages that are missing the mime-version mail header

- Cleaned up the code and updated the js_help plugin with all the latest options.

- Improve the IMAP parsing to handle both CRLF and "bare" CR line endings

- Clean up the code responsible for setting up the message view page

- Added a saved_search plugin that allows searches to be easily saved, edited or re-run from the search page.

- Hide PHP timezone warnings in PHP5 when no default server timezone is set

- Added an option to enable an "open in new window" link on message lists

- Fixed some bugs with the "newstyle" theme

- Improved mobile browser detection

- Added a simple new plugin called "username" that displays the current username to the top of each page

- Fixed the folder tree and dropdowns to properly handle having "special" folders that are, or have, subfolders

- Fixed a bug with the toggle all links on the folders page

- Display a notice when a login is attempted and the IMAP server cannot be reached

- Fixed a bug with simultaneous compose sessions

- Fixed encoding problems with javascript alert boxes when the interface is set to a non-ascii based language

- Added an "Attach" button to the message lists that will add selected messages as attachments to an outgoing message

- Fixed the "Attach" feature on the message view page

- Added a Greek interface translation thanks to Konstantinidis Andreas

- Fixed a bug with "show all external images" link on the message view

- Updated the previous/up/next + action dialog on the message view page to remember the last used folder

- Added a beta version of a pop3 fetch plugin that can pop messages from other Email accounts and deliver them to a specified IMAP folder

- Fixed a bug in the uuencode plugin

- Improved HTML message rendering to be safer, more robust, and faster

- Added HTML flitering with htmLawed. The old legacy filter is still available via a setting in the index.php file

- Fixed some various small theme bugs

- Fixed a warning in the message digest plugi

- Improved HTML message inline image support

- Added a "!" indicator in message lists for messages with an x-priority of 1

- Improved reply/forward/resume formatting with HTML message parts and the html_mail plugin

- Fixed the from address formatting in the message digest plugin

- Improvements to the javascript in the auto_address plugin

- Fixed a bug with the "compose in a new window" options and inline mailto links in text message parts

- Added a few missing interface translation strings

- Improvements to the javascript in the js_notice plugin

- Fixed the auto-save as draft feature on the compose page when using the html_mail plugin

- Fixed a bug with the js_sign plugin with the html_mail plugin

- Plugin API improvements

- Updated the TinyMce WYSIWYG editor used by the html_mail plugin and enabled the TinyMce spellcheck ability

- Fixed the redirect after sending a message to return to the last viewed page

- Added support for using iconv character set conversion when mb_string is not available

- Allow "+" in email addresses

- Translated some missing strings for the filters plugin management page

- Fixed multiple bugs with the filter plugin search string that could cause the search to fail

- Improved the auto complete plugin to ignore case when matching email addresses

- Fixed a plugin API bug that broke the context plugin

- Fixed the javascript warning message used when expunging messages

- Added a few missing strings to the translation files

- Added an option to set the maximum length of the subject field in message lists

- Added a "delete" button to the simple UI message view that deletes the current message and navigates back to the mailbox view

- Fixed a javascript error in simple UI mode

- Fixed a bug with the routines that encrypt/unencrypt strings that could cause a user to be logged out of the IMAP server

- Added an SMTP debug config setting that works similar to the IMAP debugging option




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